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Growing up, I always knew a career in music was my greatest desire. I spent a lot of time as a child singing with my mum and sisters. From concerts to Sunday church choir, my passion ignited. As I began to discover my identity, my goals changed. I desired fame and pursued it without a passionate heart. The moment I realized my true purpose was the day it all flipped. I no longer strived to just have my voice heard but strived, instead,  to let my story be told through the eyes of The Father. My songwriting started rough, I won’t lie, but it took me becoming comfortable with the idea of vulnerability and truth to really dig deep into the emotions behind my words. I went from mediocre words of a love I had no idea about, to a love that finds me in the midst of brokenness. To this day, I can confidently say, I don’t want my music to just have great melodies and best production in the world. I want my music to sink in to the depths of yourself that you let no one else see.